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The Mercy of Diversity: Cultivating Understanding Despite Difference

An audio recording of a talk given by Habib Umar with translation by Shakyh Abdal Hakim Murad

The Intentions for Seeking Knowledge

Intention for studying from Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad (may God be pleased with him!) translated from Arabic to English by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks

Ten Adab of Seekers of Knowledge

Notes by Ayaz Siddiqui

The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge

Nur Sacred Sciences

 Wird_al_LatifClick here to download Al-Wird Al-Latif (Arabic only)

Click here to download Al-Wird Al-Latif (Arabic/English)

Recitation of Al-Wird Al-Latif

Recitation with Sura Yasin followed by Al-Wird Al-Latif

Commentary of Al-Wird Al-Latif by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

 jewelsClick here to download text of the Jewels of the Quran